The story of our beautiful Labrador, ABBEY.. and how the removal of her left eye 'didn't' change anything about her personality, or her outlook on life!

This is her story ...

Hi ... my name is Abbey and I would like to share my story with you.  

In the beginning of April (2005) my Daddy noticed a brown spot on my eye.  He showed Mommy, but she couldn’t see it, it was quite small.  As the weeks passed it grew.  We were busy practicing twice a week for my first upcoming dog show.  Auntie Anne was as worried as Mommy and Daddy about the growing spot on my eye.

On Thursday April 28th, I went to see my (human) Grandpa, he is an optometrist. 
He looked at my eyes and then shone lights into them.  Normally he looks in
human eyes, so he wasn’t positive, but he said that it could be a Melanoma.                 

The next day I went to see Dr. Frusen D.V.M..  He was surprised that such a young dog, as myself, would have a melanoma of the iris.  He called Dr. Christmas in Calgary and Dr. Grohn in Saskatoon to confer about my case.  They confirmed that it was indeed a melanoma.  As a melanoma grows it can interfere with the pupil and cause discomfort. They felt that the best option would be to remove my eye and test it to determine whether it was malignant or benign. If they were to do laser surgery, it could reappear in the future.

Mommy and Daddy were so upset.  They cried and cried.  They were so scared for me.  I wouldn’t be able to go in the dog show, I wouldn’t be able to have puppies, and I would have to live with only one eye.  The safety and well-being of me and my health had to come first...Mom and Dad decided to have the surgery done immediately.

I went to the vet clinic on Tuesday morning May 3rd/05.  Jen was so nice to me...  she let me play with the “Clinic Cat” until I went into surgery.  I was out of surgery by 2pm.  Dr. Frusen removed my eye, eyelids, and tear ducts.  He also spayed me and removed a small lump on my ear.  When Daddy picked me up he had to carry me because I was still sleeping.  I had a huge pressure bandage on my head.  I finally woke up at 10 pm and Mommy gave me some food... I couldn’t get up so she had to feed me on my bed.  I slept through the night.

The next morning I was groggy and a bit tender.  Even with the big bandage on my head I had
no trouble getting around.  Mommy took the bandage off in the afternoon.  I think she was
scared, but when she got it off she was amazed at how good it looked.  I spent a few more days
just resting.  Even when I started feeling better Mommy made me rest.  She would get a little
anxious when I tried to run and play, but Mommy was just scared for me.

I went back and see Dr. Frusen on Monday and he was AMAZED!  He said that I was 100% back to normal.  He said to my Mommy, “You should look this good four days after major surgery!”.  I was given the 'go-ahead' to run, jump, swim, go for walks, and play!  YIPEE!  I had been trying to tell Mommy that for days and she didn’t believe me.  In just one week things were back to normal, except for all the shaved areas I had.

The results came back from the lab, it was a concentration of melanocytes, which are the precursor to cancer.  The cells were confined to the eye and now that it is removed, we have nothing to worry about.

Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Anne and all my friends and family are so happy that I am feeling great!!  I am the same Abbey as always, minus an eye.  Daddy says that he is sure I never used it because I sure don’t act like I miss it!  Dr. Frusen calls me a“miracle dog” and everyone says that I am just as beautiful as ever.  Now, I have a permanent “wink” for everyone I meet ;) 

Don't ya just love a happy ending?.....I do!!
above ^ - 6 months after surgery ... and looking just as beautiful as ever ;)

2018 UPDATE:
May 2004 - March 2019
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing our Abbey
Abbey had an amazing and adventurous life with Mike, Jody, Izzy and Erica
and will be dearly missed.. 

Labraharvest Abelour Sky

(Norwoodacres Tropical Storm x Enjoielabs Emilee of New Moon)

Birth Date: May 18th, 2004
the day after my eye removal surgery
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Melanoma of The Iris
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