Due to the multitude of designer colors plaguing the Labrador Retriever breed (champagne, white, cream, polar bear white, silver, charcoal, blue, and the list goes on)  ..  LABRAHARVEST will no longer provide an 'outside' stud service to people that cannot provide a paper trail of  DNA tests performed (and include DD), a legitimate pedigree, nor to people we do not know! 
Grand CH. Labraharvest Tenacity's Gain

Very much like his maternal grt grandsire (Timmy), "Gainer" has that same full-bodied wag! Happy, kind, loving, and a sweetheart of a Lab, Gainer completed his Canadian Championship rather quickly by owner/handler Angie Killough and pro handler, Scott Leitz, with breed and group wins. Not one to sit still, Angie headed out for her GRAND Championship and finished quickly with Breed and Select wins!

(NOTE: This is merely a courtesy posting for Tenacity Labradors ... Labraharvest does NOT have the ownership or breeding rights to Gainer. Please direct all inquiries to Angie Killough!
courtesy webpage for Angie!
Our Boys
CH. Oaksill Heza Keeper

"Mister" is a very kind and loyal Labrador. He meets everyone with such exuberance and works the field the same way. A very swift retriever (runs like a deer), Mister is out and back before ya know it.

I love everything about this young dog... his type, structure, willingness to please and his 'always ready' attitude! Many thanks to LeeAnne Kiefer (Oaksill Labradors in Ontario) for allowing Mister to 'go west young man, go west!'

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BIS CH. Windswepthill Double Double
​"TIMMY" (deceased)

No matter how many sleeps in a day that Timmy had, the moment he opened his eyes his body continuously did a 'full-body' wag.
Always happy, always in a good mood, always eager to greet people and always kind and courteous to everyone he meets ... including his great grand babies!

Timmy has been a wonderful addition to my breeding program and he filled my heart.  I will never be able to say enough 'thank yous' to his wonderful breeder, Adrienne Moore (Windswepthill Labradors in Ohio, USA)
"Timmy's" webpage will remain posted as a tribute to the wonderful Labrador he was!
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Labraharvest I Can't Help Myself

"Eddie" is a wonderful little guy - kind, happy, willing (and most eager) to please with a very happy tail (like his great grampa Tim).. 

Currently learning some field and obedience manners, Eddie is just going to have fun while growing up and we are just going to have fun watching him.