"Rayna" ... my beautiful Rayna! 

Just a sweetheart that has such a soft expression ... she just always looks like she is going to burst in to tears at any moment. But, don't let the looks deceive you... she is a hell-raiser and  'trouble' is her middle name.

While waiting for her to grow up and mature a little... I'm just sitting back watching her grow and see what kinda trouble she leads me to :)

Rayna is the daughter of our Labraharvest Ship Of Dreams (Kohv) and sired by CH. Beaumark's Taylor Made.
Rayna is a half sibling to our Sassi!

Birth Date - May 20th, 2017

OFA Hips:
OFA Elbows:
Eyes:  To be cleared soon
EIC: Clear by parentage
CNM: CLEAR - by parentage
DD: Clear by parentage

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Rayna's Dam, Kohv
Rayna's Sire, Taylor
Rayna - 2 weeks
Rayna (top left) corner) and her siblings with Mister
Rayna and her Grt Grampa Tim
Sept 16, 2017
Growing with Rayna