Birth date: October 3rd, 2014

'his need for speed keeps him well and strong '

"Slider" was born healthy into a large littler with nine siblings. All strong and healthy at birth and no signs that anyone was not 'normal.'

At six weeks of age, "Slider' started to limp a little and it was most noticeable with the dragging of his toes (both hind legs) when he walked, and bunny hopping when he ran. 

Thinking he may have slipped on the floor and twisted or sprained his leg, I separated him from his siblings. Hoping 'timeout' in an ex-pen would solve the problem really made him more determine to NOT rest. He wanted to be with his siblings and he wanted OUT of that little room.

There was no slowing him down when outside his room.. he was like a bat-outta-hell and running for all he was worth.
An x-ray at 12 weeks showed no sign that he was in any kind distress from hip dysplasia and he did not exhibit any kind of pain!!!!

I did DNA tests for Exercise Induced Collapse, Muscular Dystrophy, Degenerative Myelopathy, and Centroneuclear Myopathy ... all tests came back CLEAR... not even a carrier!!!

Keeping a close eye on him and ever-watchful for any kind of sign that he was in pain, "Slider" continued to run, swim, chase, retrieve, and play hard. He loved to play with the sheep and a few even reciprocated and chased him :)

As all his siblings departed around him, I hoped that the calm and quiet of his great grandfather (Timmy was 9 years at that time) would slow him down... but it didn't. I decided that 'if this is how he is meant to be' then so-be-it... he would live his life as any other Labrador.

We Started field work with him and he was CRAZY for it.. he absolutely loves to retrieve and the quicker he can get to it the faster he can go out again!!!

A few people showed interest in adopting "Slider" .. but didn't really want the 'unknown' problems he may face down the road. Some wanted guarantees that he would not require more tests or surgery, but since we didn't know what his problem was, how could I guarantee anything? I could guarantee that he was happy, loving, caring, devoted, and a retrieving fool, though.

Two weeks before hunting season opened for upland game, I received a call from Dustin (my hero).
He wanted to come and meet "Slider" and said he already knew (in his heart) that this was the dog for him and his family.

Dustin came, he met, and he loved him right from the beginning!!
No matter what lies ahead for "Slider", Dustin is willing to keep me posted with everything. We have both agreed that surgery will not be an option because there are NO GUARANTEES that they can fix it. I have a back issue myself and it's a 50/50 chance that surgery may paralyze me. I'm not willing to risk it... and neither Dustin nor I are willing to 'try' it on "Slider".

"Slider" is now home with Dustin and his wonderful family and enjoying every minute of having a family that is his.... 'all his!!'
Labraharvest Slip n' Slide
Slider and his sister
new boots
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