Labraharvest Music Box Dancer
(BIS CH Windswepthill Double Double x CH Labraharvest Sambuka Rosa)


Whitney has been a great family companion. Possessing a soft temperament she was a great teacher to her children and got the job done without more than a sharp look and a show of the teeth. Two of her babies (Heidi, Gainer) gained their Championship titles quickly with breeds and group wins.  Retired :)
"Not all dogs should be shown and not all show dogs should be bred!"
Labraharvest This Kiss C.G.N.
(BISS CH Chablais Sudden Impact x Gomagan's Alberta Surprise)


My beautiful Faith is such a loving, loyal and constant companion! Happy to be running the field, chasing a ball, lying at my feet, curled up on the couch or snuggled in to my body very tightly for an evening's sleep. I love this girl and everything about her! Retired :)
Due to the questionable practices regarding the multitude of designer colors plaguing our Labrador Retrievers,
all Labraharvest  puppies are placed on CKC non-breeding contracts ..
 .... nope, not negotiable!
The Girls Of Labraharvest
Labraharvest Ship of Dreams
(CH Twinpond's & Cowboyup's Jack Frost x Labraharvest Music Box Dancer)


Kohv is a sweet, sweet Labrador. Gentle natured, an eager retriever, great maternal instincts and loyal companion! Raised by dear friends (Joyce-Ann & Frank), Kohv is a constant companion to our chocolate girl, Teague (Labraharvest Believe The Rumour).
Kohv is now officially retried! Thank you Frank and Joyce-Ann for the great home you provide for our girls and thank you Kohv for the beautiful babies that carry on the Labraharvest name and tradition!
CH. Labraharvest Dancin Ona Cloud
(Int'l CH Windswepthill Eye of The Storm x Labraharvest Music Box Dancer)


​Heidi lives in Grande Prairie with a very dear and long time friend (Judi). A very mellow Labby, Heidi is a devoted companion to Judi .. pretty much like Faith is to me. Heidi's 'mothering' instincts are very natural and when there are no babies for her to 'coo' over, she will pack her stuffies.
Heidi is now officially retired! Thank you Judi and Thank you Heidi for your beautiful babies that will carry on the Labraharvest name and tradition!
Labraharvest Freedom Bound
(Ch Beaumark's Taylor Made x CH Labraharvest Dancin Ona Cloud)


Sassi is owned by Judi Harker in Grande Prairie. For now we are just letting this awesome young girl have fun and wait for her to mature. A great little retriever, Sassi has lots of energy when required and a couch potato when not playing.
Labraharvest Love A Rainy Nite
(Ch Beaumark's Taylor Made x Labraharvest Ship of Dreams)


​Rayna has her Grt Grampa Tim's hind end, it just  'never stops wagging!' .. when she eats, when she plays, when she awakes... this little girl is always happy :)
Just enjoying this little heart-lab for now while watching Rayna grow up ...
Take your time, Rayna, take your time!:)
Enjoielabs Emilee of New Moon
(CH Willowrose Gimme A Break x CH Enjoielabs Designing Woman)


Emilee ... how is miss this beautiful girl. Her sweet temperament, her loyalty, her love of people and animals and her natural gift to 'just know' when something was not right. Emilee taught me how to be more patient and more forgiving and I will always carry memories of her in my heart.
I am very pleased and very blessed to have Emilee in my pedigrees ... she is a direct descendant to the Lindenhall lines (daughter to CH Enjoielabs Designing Woman and granddaughter to CH Lindenhall's Spady Express) ... a strong, track-proven line of healthy, typical and structurally sound Labradors!
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