The ethics of any breeder that purposefully breeds for incorrect size, color and faults should be questioned!
Before You Come In ...

** Please Note: My site is for the purpose of helping to educate the public and to share my love for, and the care given to,the Labrador Retriever breed for over 36 years. 

** LABRAHARVEST only produces 3 colours as recognized by the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada and Canadian Kennel Club - BLACK, YELLOW and CHOCOLATE. I do not breed for silver, silver factored, champagne, charcoal or any other designer colour variety that strays away from the BLACK, YELLOW OR CHOCOLATE ... 

Read the CKC official standard here

** CLEFT PALATE: Grissom's story from birth to present .. click here

** NEUROLOGICAL ISSUES: but his tests are all CLEAR... click here 

** MELANOMA OF THE IRIS: Abbey's story .. click here

** THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SILVER LABRADORS: Everything you wanted to know .. click  here

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​** BLACK and YELLOWS: due May 24th, 2017 -This litter will be whelped and raised in Medicine Hat, Alberta.
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To keep our breed PURE ... Please sign our petiton!!
we ARE a serious group of enthusiasts dedicated to preserving the purity of the Labrador Retriever!
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