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Labraharvest Labradors ... are conveniently located in the prairie city of
Medicine Hat , AB., and now in  Grande Prairie, AB., Canada!
We do not fly our  Labradors away from home...

We ask that you make the necessary arrangements to pick up your  Labraharvest companion in person so we can meet you and you can meet our family companions!

This does not mean that 'you' cannot fly here to pick up your puppy and fly home .
In spite of what you hear - PUREBRED Labrador Retrievers do NOT come in a vast array of colours (silver, charcoal, champagne, blue, purple or pink)

They are DD for BLACK, YELLOW or CHOCOLATE ... period!

Please research BEFORE you buy ... Then research a whole lot more!
Labraharvest  is not expecting any puppies until 2018...
We are waiting for Rayna to grow up!