This webpage is dedicated to my Family and Friends
Each and every one of these wonderful family companions are still very much loved, cherished and so dearly missed.
Our Beloved Rainbow's Guest Book
"Little Buck"
Lindenhalls Travelin Wibury
(Cynthia & Family)
'free .. to go your own way!'
(Bill & Family)
CH. Lindenhall's Spady Express
(Stew & Family)
Labraharvest Chetwynd Sadoway
(The Sadoway family)
 Always Remembered..
Christine & Family
Labraharvest Hollee Dunn CD
(The Ring Family)
CH. Enjoielabs Designing Woman
(Elaine & Family)
"Forever Companions"
Butler and Berkley cross Rainbow Bridge Together.
Forever Loved by Dion, John, Lauren and Rowan
Labraharvests Madam Wizard
(Jim Gray & Family)
Enjoielabs Brook N' Tails
(Louise, Ben & Family)
CH. Brooktrees Prairie Ranger CD
(Doug & family)
Maia Jessica Ann Danson
Dearly loved, always remembered
Todd, Bev Hanson and Family
Wizards McDuff
(Elaine and Munroe)
Enjoielabs Cara Mia
(Stew & Lillian)
dearly loved by
Crystal & Family
Loved and sadly missed by (Kristi, Brad and Family)
  "Bandit" (1980 - 2008)
'run free, ole friend!'
(The Torrie family)
Always in my heart
(Melissa & Family)
Never too far from the heart!
(Dan, Nettie & Family)
We Love You, Rubus!
(Howie, Michelle, Haley, Megan)
Always in our heart!
Sara Peden and Family
Labraharvest Mia Meeko
'we will always love you'
(Darin & Kim Fregin)
Labraharvest Lil Dante
we miss you very much!
(Frank, JoyceAnn, & Teague)
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Labraharvest Dot Calm
Forever in my heart!
Brenda Hill
Labraharvest Koa of Ronine
'we'll always remember your love!'
The McLeod Family
Just beyond the Rainbow
is our favourite Summer.
Loved by Shalee, Crystal & Chris
Abilena's Special Lady
"and with you I send a piece of my heart!"
Judi Harker
Labraharvest Go Flames Go
dearly cherished by Elaine Sorensen
sorely missed by Sarah, Andrew and Caleb